Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I Won't Believe in the Bible If...

This blog spurred from our hot and deliberate discussion in the office about whether or not to believe in the Bible. And unbelievably, I got several, varying estimations from my fellow care center trainers who also have their own solid stand on the issue of the reliability of the Bible.

Some have stood on believing that the Bible is merely a literature created by men and is made to inspire and for people’s source of “YOGA” and feel-good; or basically, to give hope to a very hopeless world. In the end, one whose contention is this, is a self-confessed unbeliever of the Bible.

Some also had their contention that the Bible is made by the Lord, Holy, yet not all things written on it are Truths since most of its contents are not for literal or word-for-word understanding but all of it are merely “representations” of something else. Such as when “heaven and hell” may mean not the actual places but something else which we may not be able to decipher.

Some though, chose the safe, apathetic side.

Well, opinions were laid not on a debate manner as all were aware that debating on these topics meet not a common point. This is, by far, the topic that if conversed on, could result to something similar as a Corona trial.

What do I believe in? Well, I also spoke my own contentions, as of course, based on what I have believed in after my careful and deliberate search for Truth when I was young. Backtracking events, It was noted from many close friends of mine that I made a sudden shift of religion from Catholicism to Born Again Christianity. In fact, it was a shocker for some since it happened at the very height of my ‘being Catholic’ – having attended various catholic groups such as El Shaddai (where I was a senior choir member) and ELIM. Te shift happened at the point where I was flourishing my beliefs, more so that I have been developing academic participation in a catholic school.

I have my own safe yet grounded basis on what this Bible is: Literature, yes it is. Holy, yes it is. Yet it is simply written, inspired by the Holy Spirit to be carefully understood. Thought some are in parables and are written indirect, we could ask why would the Holy Spirit make it a material that's exclusively for the knowledgeable and genius? Well, it shouldn't be.

The very first verse even reads, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth”. There was no representation. The last is similarly simple as the beginning.

So what really made me believe in the Bible:

Something that my life was so AMAZED ABOUT, I will stick to it for life, there are too many prophesies that the Bible has told that did come true or were verified to be true in modern days. To point out some of the many are as follows.

For example, long before men went outside the space, the bible already wrote the following: (Isaiah 40:22) It is he that sits upon the circle of the earth... So the earth was known to be round in Bible days. Shockingly, the Bible knows better than men when it was written that (Job 26) "He hangs the earth upon nothing.." So Job knew the earth was hanging out in space by nothing.

In the last days as well, Revelations states “There will be famines and earthquakes”. Earthquake has never happened as often as this before… and Revelations already predicted that.

But more powerful than prophesies or mirales, there’s one singular basis as to why I believe in the Truths of the Bible. It is something that I know no one could take away from me. And that, I call as the unbelievable and unfathomable transformation that happened to many people that I have known to have lived a life of "former" ill-manner, insensitivity and ruthlessness.

My father, as one of its examples was one of town’s most miserable and notorious bullies in his younger years, have testified with tears (I have translated to English):

“I have seen the Truth and this has changed me suddenly to a person so different than before. During Bible studies I go inside our room and feel antagonistic about the pastor preaching at home; but as I was listening in the recesses of my room for months, I have been changed. I went out, joined them, and followed in awe with the Lord”.

Many people have been transformed by the Word of God. Indeed, it is a "double-edged sword", it is Holy, and this has strengthened my belief. The surreal feeling of transformation. This is what makes me believe the Bible. It’s not the text, or the so-called “literature”, or the passages that really count. It’s the transformation that it does, the healing that has worked to millions that no neither medicine, nor science, nor geniuses, nor kings can contend against.

I won’t believe in the Bible.. if these has not happened. But yes it did, and I am grateful my eyes have been opened. Hope transformation will also flow to you.

There's more reasons to Praise the Lord!


  1. Amen to this kuya jo. and the next time someone questions the authenticity and credibility of the Bible, show them this verse from the Bible.

    2 Timothy 3:16
    King James Version (KJV)
    All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:

    Yes, it might be written by human hands but it is God-inspired, written according to how He wanted it to be. ^_^

    God bless you.

  2. Hi Orange Pulps! =)

    Thanks for the verse! Correct to that!

  3. You have learned the bible, you have read the bible. May I suggest you pray and work on your relationship with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.